Thursday, 22 January 2015

Impatiently Patiently Waiting....

Impatient: 1. having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provokes
                  2. restlessly eager

Patient: 1. able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering with out becoming annoyed or        anxious.

As I am sitting here, drinking my decaf Chai tea and keeping my phone close.....

We are either coming or going. Most of us don't know which we are doing at the time we are doing it. I know I am usually wandering around aimlessly hoping I figure out why I left the room to begin with....I am terrified to know how I will be as I get older. The other day I walked to work, which I used to do all the time, at ten to five I left my desk in search to start my car. I walked into another part of work and realized that I won't find my car. It was left in it's parking spot. I felt like a fool. Got a good laugh out of it, I blame my children. I think I have a good memory. I remember things that I am not too sure why I still remember them but I do. Sometime it proves itself useful. Music, I know my music. Lyrics, artists and albums. I am usually pretty good. Work, I have stored what I though wouldn't be pertinent information, but it has come in handy.

What happened to kids....I asked my 10 year old son to take the garbage out for me this evening....he cried. Are you serious???? I was doing dishes, vacuuming, dusting and pretending to clean my room at 10. Where does he get that thought that he doesn't have to help out around the house? I have never said don't worry buddy...Mom will do it. Pfft, are you kidding me!!! I was raised to help out, whether you wanted to or not. Most of the time I didn't want to. I still have issues cleaning my room!! But I do it, now I enjoy cleaning, for the most part. So when he came back in and sulked to his room hoping to hide from me, I made him come back out and help me do the dishes. Dishes he is fine with. But the thought of having to put his pants back on and go out was waaaaay too much work. Good Grief!! I don't get it. But I am probably not supposed too. That would be life.

There is going to be a new face to look out into the world soon (it is NOT me). I cannot wait to meet this tiny human. He/she will loved like no other.  They are truly a miracle and I am so happy that I have opportunity to be apart of their life. As we wait for their arrival I have thought of all the wonderful things they will be able to see. I hope the places they will get to go and the love that they will feel from their parents and close family and friends. Growing up hearing stories of their family and finding out all sorts of funny things about their parents. Growing up in a loving home is one of the most important things. And this baby will have all of that. Their parents are two of the most amazing people I know. I am blessed to be "auntie" I take that role very seriously. There is nothing better than being Auntie. I get to spoil them to the end of the earth and back. Mom and Dad cannot say anything because what Auntie says at the time will win....Aunties always win!! Rescuing Mom when she is at her last wit end and helping in anyway that I can.

As you first peer into this world I want you to know:

The world can be cruel, don't let it bring you down.
You can accomplish anything your heart desires.
Patience and perseverance will get you far in your life.
Always know you have someone to talk to even when you are afraid.
You have a guardian angel. She is always watching over and protecting you. She will listen when no one else will.
You are loved.
You will make mistakes, they don't define you.
Don't let the negative things take control, there is always 2 positives to 1 negative.
Always believe in yourself.
Hard work pays off.
Listen to your parents, they are usually right.
Dance like no one is watching and sing even if sounds bad.

And know that I love you. Always. I will always be here, I love your Mama and will do anything for you and her. Now....geeeeettt oooouuuuttt!!!