Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wow......they say things happen in threes.....

Today is the day where I wish I could disappear and not deal with life.

The City cut off my power sometime yesterday afternoon.....great! So I called this morning and they were confused because there should be power running to my apartment. Nope....still not. So my land lady called to see what was going on....they had me listed at 211 4230 .....not 211 4234.....I was paying for power for a condo that I didn't inhabit....super....I got a call about an hour later at work saying that all was fixed and that my power should be restored...super! And an email address for a claims department for the food that I will be losing due to the lack of power that I haven't had for the past 20 hours. Nice!! I get home at power...FML I just want to pack up and head for the camper!!! So I leave and go to my parents....they have rum....and power. OH...and the it 38 degrees celsius today......great day to have no power...hottest effing day of the whole year!!!! YES!!! I call the land lady...she is just a pissed as I am. So the city calls her and say apparently they have been trying to call phone has NOT rang. They are worried that I have something on because there is quite the load on my meter....I have nothing power remember....nothing that was running before the power was cut...beside the fridge....EFF. So they didn't turn it on. My landlady checked my apartment (I'm at Mom's drinking rum....) Nope nothing she goes and flips the breaker...POWER!!!!! But there was a heavy load of power....she is phoning them back to tell them that that isn't right and I shouldn't have anymore issues!! Yay!! One of today's issues fixed!!! Thank god.....I am a effing mess!!

My cell phone slipped and fell off my lap at the end of July....screen broke...great!! So what do I do...go down to my cell phone provider and see what needs to be phone still works but I have having a broken fix it....300-400 bucks...ouch....but do I have extended warranty they guy asks...I dunno look. YES!! I sure do...why because I know myself...I will break the phone...great! Get a number for the company who deals with them for extended warranty. Whoo hoo.....I call them and they either want 381 dollars which is the remaining balance for my phone charged to my credit card and then they will send me a new phone. Once I get the new phone I hook it up and then send them my broken phone and once they get that they will refund me 281....100 dollar deductible. OR I send them my phone, leaving me phoneless, and the $100 dollar deductible and once they receive it they will ship me a new phone....Option 1. So I explain to my boss, what the situation is and he goes I can help. I will give you the money and take it out of your benefits and then you can just pay it back through your deductions for your benefits...yay!! Greatest boss ever!!! So I get the money, apply it to my visa and then call the company back and start my claim. Whoop whoop. Visa is charged. They will send my new phone out within 24 to 48 hours and I should get it within 2-4 business days! Nothing.....nothing.....nothing....frustrated....still nothing....okok...I will check the tracking number and see what eff is going on. So I do...this morning....while dealing with my effing power issue. The website says they haven't shipped my phone because my visa was decline....uhhhh...nope nope it wasn't. I have the charge on the visa. So what do I do...I call the numbers I have....neither one of them work....I google the company...their what the eff am I supposed to do. I call my cell phone dealer...I get a number of a guy in the north end dealing with the claims end. Ok super. I call him....he tells me that the company has basically vanished. Their numbers are disconnected and the website doesn't exist anymore....are you effing kidding me!!! I wanna hit someone with a fucking chair!! So he takes my number, email address and claim number. And then tells me he will email next week to tell me what they are doing for those affected by this, also, to call my visa company and report the fraud...because this is what he is calling it. Ok alright sure. I call my visa company. I start a claim with them about the charge on my visa. OMG!!!!  So I am waiting to hear back from them about the charge and from my cellular company. Sure I can live with my phone. It still works. It just looks beat up. Which it is.

So I am sitting at my Mom's alone, they are camping...god I wish I was camping, drink a rum and trying not to have a total melt down. They say things happen in threes......I have had two...I stayed home from Volleyball tonight....didn't really feel like the third to be a ball in the face again.

Buh bye

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Chapter 2 - New beginnings

July 11th.... the day I made the decision that I couldn't be in my marriage any more.  For the past 12 years I have loved the same person. Married for almost 6. I didn't have the fight to fight.

We have spent the past 12 years fighting.  Over anything and everything.  Yes we did have times that were great. We have 2 beautiful children together.  They are my life. We are different people. We don't even have the same groups of friends anymore. We were two separate people trying to make it work. I couldn't.

I am not saying I am perfect and I didnt contribute to the problems. I am half of the relationship. I know I didn't make it easy. But I wanted the person I was expected to be and if you cannot accept me for who I am from the beginning. You're right it's not going to work.

Now I am me. I have a new place, new stuff. A vehicle of my own. It feels nice. I have the support of my family and wonderful friends. I am happy.  I haven't been for a long time.  I am on MY own.

Who knows what is ahead of me.  But nothing is going to stop me from being myself and happy anymore.