Thursday, 3 March 2016

Trying something new out....bare with me.'s been a is everyone? Well I hope. I have no idea what I want to write about, so I am going to go have a shower and think about it.....I will be back.

Still haven't showered, I didn't realize that children need to pre get ready for bed before they actually get ready for bed. The "I'm hungry" "I have to pee" I need to hum while I am pretending to brush my teeth until Mom uses the "this is the last warning!!! No story time if you don't hurry already!" Then it's the I will sloooooowly brush my teeth, while still arguing with my sibling just enough to stop before Mom calls last warning. And then it's the getting undressed and actually possibly thinking of getting into bed. But still not 100% sure about that yet. I may stand there like I have had my brains sucked out by the Buddy doll lying on the floor who is quite possibly possessed by demons or other beings for a few minutes until I can hear you walking down the hall. If you don't know what a Buddy doll is, I highly suggest Googling it. Then you will understand the Chucky doll! And why this doll has followed me around since my younger brother was little. He received it and tormented my older brother with it, into adulthood. He is one creepy ass doll....and now my daughter has adopted it as her own. She has loved Buddy since she was a baby...I have video of her to prove it. Kissing this damn creepy doll, I am sure it has been slowly sucking the soul out of her...that would explain a lot actually...hold on! STORY TIME! We made it!!!!

Clean!!! Well I think so anyway...half way through my shower I realized that I had forgotten my towels in my room and had to use the towels in the bathroom. Which I am sure have kids toothpaste spit on them. So I felt like I should almost reshower, but I didn't. So cleanish is what I am. Why do they say you have your best thoughts in the bathroom? They do say that right...maybe they don't. Well I didn't have any great thoughts. I was trying to decide what to write for this, and I have come up with not a friggen thing. This is more of a test blog anyway. I want to see if it will actually post to my FB page with out me actually really doing much work. I think I have them linked together properly....but I am not my IT guy, so it probably won't work (Marcus, if you actually read this, or read this far don't stop....if this doesn't post....I may require your assistance when you come up in April for your birthday, aka The Main Event dart tourney). But here's to hoping.

I went to see my Dr today because I am afraid I am going to become dependent on the Zoplicone that I was given (Squirrel, not a real squirrel, just a side note, a random thought in my random thought..with me? Cuz I'm not, wow this is exhausting to type...let alone read I am sure. Do you know how hard it is to try and make capitals in a sentence when the left shift key doesn't always like to work because of a spill accident...freaking hard!!! I am not winning this battle at all) so I wanted to know if I could just take a OTC sleep aid. She told me there is a probability to become dependent on any sleep aid and to not believe everything I read on the internet (who knew!) But that they would all do the same thing...knock me out! (She said put me to sleep, same thing) She also told me that I should start keeping a journal, you know the pen and paper type, because it should help me get some of the things that keep me awake for HOURS before I actually fall asleep out. Well, as some people will know, I suck at keeping up with anything!!!! I have probably like 4 different type of journals going all at the same time. Like you have no idea. Some for random thoughts, poetry, more random thoughts, bucket list items that kind of stuff. Completely made up shit is my favourite, if I could write a complete sentence ( my grade 12 English teacher told me I lacked that) I could probably write a kick ass book about nonsense. I will probably give it the journal a try, on paper too, she said that any type of screen isn't a good thing before bed because it is a stimulant, I am not sure I completely agree with that either...I know many a people who can fall asleep as soon as the TV is turned on (you all know who you are). But I am willing to try anything to make my brain quit screaming at me while I am trying to dream wonderful dreams.

Alright, I am pretty sure I have bored everyone at this point....I am so sorry

Also, for those who have liked my FB page, I thank you. I have no intentions to keep it up regularly, that is just not me. But I will try and post something once and while to keep you mildly entertained. I hope. I don't want to become professional blogger, god nope. I don't what to become a professional anything....unless it's the significant other of a famous person, then I could become a professional that. That will never happen, so no professionalism from me. I save my professionalism for work. (Stop laughing girls).

Have a great evening. Maybe then I will have figured what the eff I am doing...not likely but here is hoping!!!

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