Monday, 14 March 2016


 This is my own opinion. Please treat it as so.

Puppet: a person, party, or state under the control of another person, group, or power.

How is it that people still allow themselves to be controlled by another person(s)? Is it a self esteem issue? Personal choice? Or is it a loss of nerve, unable to pull themselves out of a shitty situation.

I am not talking about abuse, although, it could be classified as a type of abuse I suppose. Abuse is abuse. Verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, none of those should be tolerated. No form of abuse should be tolerated, or allowed. It is unnessary and cowardly.

I am talking about how can one person twist your thought process from one idea into a whole new idea. You may not disagree with that person's thought, you may have never seen it the way they do. But, then you allow your heart to get in the way of what your morals are and allow yourself to become something you aren't. Someone you don't recognize in the mirror. Someone you said you wouldn't be. I get it's a form of mind control, yes I believe there is such a thing (just not the ESP type). Someone can twist your thoughts and make them your own even though they aren't. It is wrong. Though manipulation. Why would someone do that? What would possess you to control someone that way. Why would you want to control someone that way? You are a happy person, bubbly even. And then over time you change. You're withdrawn. Not happy all the time. See things that aren't there, not hallucinations, but make things up. You are no longer who you are. You have become someone's puppet. It isn't right. 

Yes, there is compromise to all relationships. You may not like your best friends taste in music, but you listen to it because they would do the same. But you wouldn't make your best friend buy the CD and concert tickets, because you know. That's not how relationships work. Any type of relationship. I don't claim to be a relationship expert. Probably the farthest thing from it. But I have seen people in shitty relationships, friendships, common-law relationships, marriages, just starting relationships. They start off great. Then something happens. He changes, or she changes and then they start making the other one conform to their ways. There is no compromise. There is no back bone. No standing up for what they want or disagree with. I don't get it. Yes, like I have said before, I am not perfect. Not even close. But it is wrong and something I don't get. You have your own mind. Use it. Say no. You are not there for everyone's pleasure. You have your own mind, morals and opinions. Use them. Challenge them. But don't abandon them. Be you. Don't let anyone change who you are. If they really care about you they shouldn't try and change you. 

I will never become someone's puppet. Call me stubborn, pig-headed, impossible or whatever floats your boat. But I am who I am for a reason. I have fought hard to become the person I am today. I will not sacrifice myself for anyone. I am a fighter. I am happy in my own skin. My mind may not love me at all times and I may feel worn down. Discouraged, depressed even. I have felt like a failure, more than once. But I am who I am, and no one is going to take that away from me. I learned a long time ago, if you don't like who you are only you can fix that. Create the person you want to be. Love yourself first. Don't let a boy/girl deflate you. Be strong. Stand your ground. Never forget those around you, who already love you for you who are, embrace them fully. They will be the ones there for you when you lose yourself. They will be the ones who you can call at anytime of the night for help. But always keep fighting. Be true to yourself. Remember who you are. My Dad always used to say "remember your last name" when I went out. At first I always thought that if I were to do something wrong that it would shame my last name and I would be a failure. Growing up, I now know to me that it is more than that. It is to remember who I am. I am strong. I know what I like and what I don't. What I want in life and what I don't. What I want for my kids and what I hope they never have to go through. I have morals. Standards even. I am not picky, lame or anything else. I am me. If you don't like me, too bad. I do, well, most of the time. I have friends and family who love me and that is all I need to make it. 

Never allow yourself to become someone's puppet. 
Love yourself first.


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