Monday, 20 June 2016

Chalked like a boss

I started writing about this year's National's but just couldn't find a groove....So I looked at last year's post and thought I would just do that again...go day by we go...

National's 2016....Richmond,BC. I did it again!!!!! Whoooooo!!!!

Monday, June 13th. ~ I woke up, fed the kids breakfast and drove Dominic to school. Kierstyn and I putzed around the house for a little while and then I took her to daycare and headed off to Mom's. Sat there for a little while and loaded my suitcase and headed off to the airport. Flight was at 12:48. Finally a flight were we could sleep in!! So great :) Checked in and all that fun stuff. Headed to the airport bar and had a beer.....a fricken 8 dollar off. Anyhoo, met up with the rest of the team there and then we boarded for Vancouver! 2 hours later, and an hour earlier (time difference) we landed. Yes!! Got to the airport and headed to our rooms! After a brief partial team meeting we headed to a pub for something to eat. Good food and good beer!! Off to bed to get ready for day 1.

Tuesday, June 14th. Ladies doubles. ~ This year's doubles were good. Didn't make it out of our section, but we sparkled. Had glimmers of greatness and then like the BC sun...they disappeared. I am not disappointed in the way we played. We had good games and fun. That is all that matters. Sure it would have been nice to make it out of our section, but we had fun. I am happy with that. After I was done playing I went back to the room and sat in the hot tub. Three masked men came out and started tramping around. Jumping in the pool and goofing off. They know who they are and I won't reveal them....but there are pictures out there.....then it was off to bed.

Wednesday, June 15th. Singles ~ Once again, happy with my day. Didn't make it out of my section but I am not upset in my day. There are a lot of very good players. Hell, it's nationals. They are the best of the best. They earned their spot to be on the team. It's tough. After I was done playing, I stayed because I was chalking one of the men's semi final games. So I grabbed my chalked and found someone to chalk their game for. I chalked for Jeff Smith, he lost.....So I then found Dave Cameron and chalked for him. He didn't lose, so I chalked for him again, he didn't lose that match either....I think I am a good luck charm ;) I ended up chalking his semi final match but not for him, for his opponent. Dave won, pretty sure it was because I was on stage (Ok.....I am not actually serious.....not really). Then I left. I hurt all over from standing.....darts is physically exhausting. Seriously. So I went back to my room and went to bed.

Thursday, June 16th. Mixed Doubles ~ This was a good day and a very frustrating day. Karsten and I were mixed partners. I knew it would be a good day. I knew we could play well together. We play in the same leagues at home, Tuesdays (when I show up) and Wednesday's. So we have seen each other a loSat over the last few years. We had a slow start, be it nerves, being tired or what not. Then we picked it up. We won 6 matches. That's the best I have ever done at Nationals. That caused a tie between us and the Alberta team. We had a to play a playoff game of 701. We just couldn't pull it off. We shot well, just couldn't make it happen. That was so frustrating for me. I wasn't disappointed in anything we had done, just we were close and then nope done. That sucks. After darts was done was the banquet. I won't get into that again....if you really want to know...look at last years post. It's just the same.

Friday, June 17th. NODOR Cup. ~ Our first match was against NWT again. I couldn't miss the 20 or my doubles....where was this magical person for the last three freaking days?!?!?! I shot well!! We won our first round 5-3. Whoop!! Next was Newfoundland and Labrador.....shiiiiiiit. Nerves won on that one for me. I lost my match 2-1. It was close and I had my chance. If I could have calmed that tremor I got, it would have been golden. Oh well. We ended up losing that set 5-3. And our day was done. For some. There was the America's Cup qualifier and then doubles in the evening. It was such a beautiful day that some of us decided to go to the waterfront in Vancouver. It was such a great time!! SO beautiful. I took a few pics :-p (yaya I know). Downtown Vancouver is so pretty...everything was just so pretty. And clean....oh!!!! Aaaaannnnndddd, there are no mosquitoes.....none!! Windows didn't have screens on them. There are like no bugs. It was amazing!!! I was ready to stay and live there....and then the rain came back on Saturday and I started to miss my sunshine. After the trip downtown, a couple of us went to the Richmond night market. It was an experience. Then pizza and bed.

Saturday, June 18th. Canadian Open. Ladies singles. ~ Darts were good, just not good enough. I didn't make it out of my section but that's ok. A few of us did. Ashtin played phenomenal!! So, to boost my ego (with my chalking abilities), I chalked for him until he lost in the quarter final (pretty sure that's when it was) He almost had it, just didn't jump the wire. It was another good day. We all congregated into Jason's room after supper and compiled our collection of alcohol and like and good Saskatchewan peeps would do, we drank it all. :) It was a late night,but a great night. Full of laughs and stories and all the things that make us one big dysfunctional family.

Sunday, June 19th. We flew home.

There is nothing like going to Nationals. The people you meet and the friendships that are made. I enjoyed my week, even though I didn't get far. It was the best week. New friends, old friends. The people make the experience. Happy to be home, sad to leave everyone.

Next year, Saint John's, New Brunswick. Here is to National's 2017!!!

And to chalking like a boss :p


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