Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Day 2 - Ladies Doubles

Today was rough!!

Woke up at 6:15 my time....too damn early at home! Got dressed...cannot have breakfast in our jammies....hotel rules. Had and egg, sausage, biscuit and juice. Tomorrow will be cereal.....stick with a good thing. Oh and a tea! I miss my tea!

Took the shuttle to the BMO center. Big place. Google it...it's pretty cool. Grabbed my darts and started practicing....was throwing well. I was feeling good.  Tired but good. Announced the march in and ti assemble with our team. Did that. We then listened to a few people talk. The introduced team champions!! Yay to ours.  Danny McKenzie and Kathy Kerrigan. Then we threw a while longer.  While we waited for team pictures. Did that. I'll post it when I get it.

After running about 30 mins late we finally get started.  And that's when it happened. ....I fell apart. Double s isn't my strong suit to begin with. But today was awful. I feel sorry for Joan having to be stuck with me all day. She wasn't playing her best either. It was a bad bad day!  I finished 2 games....but when they don't go by finishes but by best of 3 and it's a w or l by your name....like I said bad day!!

I needed to get into a groove and didn't.  Painful. I haven't shot sooo shitty for a long time. Welcome to Nationals! Baah! Never been so happy to have a day done!

Kathy Kerrigan and Bonnie LaPierre made it out of their section. Only Saskdoubles team to make it out. Men and women. They made joint 5th!! Yay!!

Went and got subway for supper and some candy to make me feel better ;)

Tomorrow is another day and a whole new game. Cannot beat myself up over a day that is done! Oh...and it rained almost all afternoon/evening.  Must have been the weathers fault....right?

Now before I go to bed.....its five to nine here....Thank you to everyone whonhas supported me. All your words of encouragement have been great!!!


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