Friday, 13 June 2014

Day 4 - Mixed Doubles

A day late but last night was a late one!

Mixed doubles was better than ladies doubles by far. Didn't make it out of our section but my darts were better. Warming up they felt good like they usually do, even threw a 171 during warm up! Felt good. For my non dart peeps, a 171 is 3 triple 19's. It's the 180 of 19s. Play started slow. We struggled a little bit. I was paired with Ken Friesen, great guy and great dart player. We found a groove here and there. Had a couple good matches. Then it happened....I threw a 171 while playing!! Made my fucking day! I have only even been able to throw a 171 while warming up. So I was pumped. We lost the match but I was still excited.

No Saskatchewan teams made it out of their sections. Danny McKenzie and Kathy Kerrigan had a playoff to make it out but they weren't able too......I was the chalker (new career I tell ya!)

Oh and just a side note....don't move your gum around while you are not allowed to move a fucking muscle.....ask me about it....I have a story! Dummy.

We had out banquet yesterday night as well. They handed out awards and trophies. Food was good. Came back early and Skyped with Julius and the Kids. Kierstyn is a hilarious kid.

Today is the Nodor cup and tomorrow is the Canadian Open. Nationals are done my friends. :) I had a great time. Met some awesome people. Today I am also going to do some shopping. Hope the weather hold out.'s just rain.

Check ya later!

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