Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day 3 - Ladies singles

Today was better. Fruit Loops and coffee for brekkie! Back to basics!!!!

Warming up was good. My section wasn't too bad. I took more than yesterday. I only got 2 wins for the day, but I knew walking into Nationals that there were a lot of players who are better than me and to just play my game and that is what I did. Yes, I should have had more outs. And trust me I was hard on myself. I got in my head, analyzed my stance.....screwed myself up for a game and then slapped myself back into reality. Played my game and improved big time!!! Wins didn't happen but a all around better day.

3 Sask ladies made it through. Bonnie LaPierre,  Cathy Kerrigan and Joan Hodgen. Cathy and Joan were knocked out in the first round.  Bonnie made it 1 round further and then was knocked out. Apparently if my dart career doesn't oan out, I am one hell of a chalker!!! Everyone was commenting on my math skills. ...

We had a team supper tonight at Bluenose II. I was good. I had salmon and mashed potatoes. It was good to go out with everyone. After that we walked around the Harbour.  Took some pictures and then went to the casino.

Tomorrow is mixed doubles and the banquet.
Picture from the Harbour.  So beautiful! 
Another day! Friday is more sight seeing in the afternoon. Going to be so fun!!

Until then!


  1. Glad to hear that today was a better day! Thank you for keeping us posted. Just remember that it is a wonderful experience and that you will meet some great people and you are in a very beautiful part of Canada. ........We love you tons and tons and tons and.......!!!!!!!!