Friday, 20 June 2014

I don't get it

If you know me, I love my friends. I have my select few who mean the world to me. This past week I have basically lost respect for 2 of their husbands. Seriously what is with men treating girls like shit and walking all over them. It's disgusting. Yes I am calling the kettle black. My marriage is anything but perfect. I have been through a lot. A lot of girls would have left. I probably should have at some point. But I haven't. But this has nothing to do with me.

I just don't think girls deserve the shit they are put through. Cheating husbands...I mean it in anyway. Talking to a girl about topics that you shouldn't talk about while you are married. You are disrespecting your wife and the girl you are having these discussions with. And then going out on separate occasions with the girl who isn't your wife....fuck you...seriously. I am done with you. You have been removed from my life. I love my best friend and she comes first always. Yes I have been cheated on...not the greatest feeling. I understand you want to work through your issues. But seriously!!!

Being treated like shit isn't fun. Talk to your wife like she is the most important being in your life. Because she is. If you wouldn't talk to your mother like that do NOT talk to your wife like that. Do not dummy your wife/significant other. She is smart and has to put up with your bullshit everyday. She should throw your ass to the curb. But she doesn't she sticks with you. I think it's bull. Yes, pot calling the kettle black. I just don't like to see my friends get hurt. I wish men would realize what they do to us and change it accordingly.

What happened to my Dad's generation? He is a gentleman, treats my mom like gold. Flowers on Valentine's Day, Mother's day, her birthday and just because. He can cook, clean and do his own laundry. Baah! I am frustrated with how things have changed. Yes I am snowballing into other things. But I have a lot on my mind and now somewhere to put it. All of these opinions are my own. Yes they will probably cause some people issues with me but seriously. I don't care. This is what I am thinking.

I still don't know what the eff I am doing!!!

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